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The Online 3 Card Poker for Money

There are so many casino games that have been so popular among the people since many years ago. One of them has become the most favorite of the people is the 3 card poker game. This particular poker game can offer you the simple game that can be learnt only in minutes.  Then, it is no wonder if Online 3 Card Poker For Money can be found easily now.

There are actually two different ways to play the Online 3 Card Poker For Money, which are the PairPlus Rules and the Ante Bet Rules. These particular ways are the most common ways that are usually done by many 3 card poker players. As long as you do it well, it can make you win the poker game and able to earn some money as well.

Then, the PairPlus Rules is actually often seen as the side bet. When you decide to do this particular way, it means that you have to deal with the strong three card hand to win the game. The bet will be paid out when you have the strong three card hand. Thus, you have to make at least the pair 1-1to create a strong three card hand.

Moreover, there is still the Ante Bet Rules which can be the other option you can take. The Ante Bet Rules is actually seen as the standard three card poker game, which will allow you to use some strategies to win the game. This particular way can offer you the ante bonus that will be paid to the hand that is straight or stronger than any opponents, whether the player wins or loses. Then, to get the ante bonus you have to own at least the straight 1-1.

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In addition, there is a basic thing you have to remember when you want to apply the simple strategy to win the Online 3 Card Poker For Money in Live Casino188. When you decide to apply the PairPlus Rules, there are no strategic elements of the particular rules. So, will be paid based on the dealt you have made which 100% luck based.

In the other hand, you will have the control over the hand when you decide to apply the Ante Bet Rules in the Online 3 Card Poker For Money. You can decide whether you want to play each hand or not. Thus, you will have the best opportunity to get much more money if you decide to play all hands, and fold everything which is worse.