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All Slots Video Poker Casino

If you’re ready to play awesome video poker games, then the All Slots Video Poker Casino is certainly the place to be. Few places can rival the fun and excitement of playing video poker online casino games, and few locations can rival the opportunities that All Slots offers. With All Slots, players will know that their needs are met and that they are taken care of – and they will have a vast selection of video poker games from which to select.

Getting Started

As you start to think about your All Slots Video Poker Casino choices, consider that All Slots has over 50 poker casino online games. That’s an amazing selection for anyone who loves to play video poker. All of these games certainly have some things in common. When you start to play video poker online casino games, you’ll place your bet by selecting a coin size and the number of coins you want to play. Then you will click Deal and you’ll get five cards. After you look at your cards, you’ll see which you want to hold and which you want to trade for other cards. The cards you didn’t want to keep will be replaced by other cards and you’ll have a final video poker online casino hand.

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Playing Poker Casino Online

Now, when you start to play poker casino online games, you’ll see that there are fifty varieties of this poker system. That’s an amazing amount of choice for each player. How do you decide which poker casino online game to play? There are many ways to make this decision. You can read about these games at the All Slots Video Poker Casino. You can also play some of them in demo mode and get a feel for each one. This will allow you to see which versions you like the most and which ones you want to pursue. Some of the games have little differences than others. For instance, some of them have wild cards that can stand in for other cards. Deuces Wild, for instance, is an All Slots Video Poker Casino game that has wild 2s. The video poker online casino games with wild cards add some spice to the game. They allow you to find variety in the different versions of the poker casino online game and they also spice things up.

Winning and Having Fun

Certainly, anyone who plays All Slots Video Poker Casino games can play in demo mode or for real money. This means that they can start out by playing just in demo mode to try out the games and to see how they are. Then, for the real fun to begin, they can move to real money mode. Each of the games has its own rules concerning minimum hands that you need to win. It’s worth reading the directions well before beginning to make sure that you know how each game is played. Of course, each of the video poker online casino games awards higher payouts for higher poker hands. In the game Joker Poker, for instance, the payout is 5000 coins on a five coin bet. While the rankings of cards is the same in most games, the amount of payout varies a great deal from game to game.

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Doubling the Fun

One great feature to know about with the All Slots Video Poker games is that if you win a hand you can Collect or Double. If you collect then you take the winnings. If you Double then you have the chance to try to double your winnings by picking a high card. You’ll see five cards in front of you and the dealer’s card will be face up and the other four are face down. You have to select one of the face down cards and if your card is higher than the dealer’s, you’ll have doubled your earnings. If it’s lower, then you lose your winnings from before.