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Three Card Poker Basic Strategy

Three Card Poker Quick Tips:

We have broken down the Three Card Poker game to the basic format for those that want just the facts. This should info should only be used by someone who has a understanding of the gambling environment.

  • You must first decide if you are going to make both bets. A “Pair Plus “bet is just as it sounds . You are betting that the Three cards dealt to you will be at least a Pair or better. If so you win regardless of the dealers hand. The second bet is a ante bet on if you feel your hand that will be dealt will beat the dealers. It is your choice to bet on one or both.
  • Once your bets are placed the cards are dealt. If you have a Pair or better you will win the wager regardless of the dealers hand as long as you don’t fold.
  • If you feel you have a strong hand you can “raise” the dealer the value of your Ante Bet.
  • The dealer must qualify with at least a Queen high to qualify for the Ante bet to be paid out greater than even money.

The game of 3 card poker is very simple but can seem confusing to people who are not familiar with poker. For full instruction we suggest you visit our “Detailed Instruction for Three Card Poker”

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