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Three Card Poker Table Layouts

Three Card Poker Table Layout at a Online Casino

When playing three card poker at a online casino you will notice a allot of similarities to the land based casinos.

We have compiled a few screen shots to show what you may expect when playing 3 card poker at a online casino.

The first step is to place your bet. In the screen shot above you see two yellows arrows pointing to the “Ante” wager circle and the “Pair+” square. The first bet is indicated by a hi-lited circle,. To place a ante bet you just need to click on the chip amounts you wish to place as indicated by the arrow at the bottom right of the screen shot above. If you do not wish to make a “ANte” bet you can use your mouse to click on the “Pair+” Square to hi-lited the box and then click on the chip amount you wish to wager. If you happen to change your mind on the amount you wish to wager before the cards are dealt you simply have to click on the wager you wish to change and that amount will be removed from the “Ante” or “Pair+” and added back to your bankroll. All that remains is to click on the “Deal” button and cards will be dealt.

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You will notice that the cards that are dealt to the player are face up. This simply because you are only playing against the dealer. In a land based casino your cards would be dealt face down. In the example above the player was dealt a flush. This is a great hand and the player would definitely want to raise. To raise all you have to is click on the “raise” button and the equal amount of your ante will be placed in the raise circle. In the example above that would be $5. The screen shot below we will discuss the payout.

In this screen shot it simply revels the dealers hand (did not qualify with at least a queen high) and the payout. The payout is made one the pair plus hand wager of $25 of 4 to 1 for a total of $100 won on the Pair Plus bet. The Ante bet of $5 is paid even money for a win of $5. The raise bet is returned to the player because the dealer did not qualify. After the payout’s have bee collected the screen returns to the first screen shot we show here on the top of this page. If you plan on wagering the same amount you can simply click on the re bet button and the same bets would be placed for you.

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Tri/Three card poker is a great game that can offer players of all levels a exciting time. This page should just be used for table layout of the online casinos . If you are looking for Rules and a more detailed instruction of how to play tree card poker please visit our information page.