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What is The Safest Bet in Roulette? - Some Tips for Placing Roulette Bets

Placing the bet is one of the most important things in the roulette game. The player needs to place on their bet so that he can win the game. This case is applied to both online and offline roulette game. However, placing money without logical thinking can cause a big loss for the player. Without logical thinking, the player may only expose his bankroll and end up with a big debt.

It’s something that should be avoided by all players. However, placing the bet with considering the safety of bet can be a good idea to start the roulette game. There are some types of bet in the roulette game. However, what is the safest bet in roulette? Here are the explanations of some bets in the roulette that are considered as the safest bet in roulette.

There are some safest bets in roulette. The player can choose the type of bet based on the condition of the game. In addition, the player needs to consider the stock of the bankroll as well as the probability of the game. So, the player will not lose a big amount of money in case he cannot win the spin.

Bet One – One to Eighteen

Bet one – one to eighteen is a bet that utilizes the low number (1 – 18). The low number (1 – 18) is located in the outside of roulette table. Therefore, the player will get the prize in even money. It means that the player will get the payouts at the same amount with bet such as $1 bet for $1.

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Bet Two – Third Dozen

Bet Two – Third Dozen can be an alternative for safe betting in roulette. This bet includes the number of 25 – 36. The payouts will be given at two to one system. It means the player needs to pay $2 for $1. It uses for any number of 25 – 36.

Inside Odds

The inside odds is a bet that can be played by the skilled player. The beginner player may find some difficulties in playing inside odds. However, playing inside odds will give more benefits to the player. The bigger benefits come along with a bigger risk.

Red or Black Bet

The red or black bet is probably one of the safest bets. This bet can be an answer to the question “what is the safest bet in roulette?”. To do this bet, the player can use one red chip. If the player loses at one spin, the player needs to add another chip. However, if the player wins the spin, he needs to remove one chip in the next bet. This bet has a lower risk but will only work in a short time.

Betting the 35 Numbers

This bet is a bet that can be done with the player who has a lot of money in his bankroll. To do this strategy, the player needs to place a bet at 35 numbers and hopes to get the ball on those 35 numbers. It has a high risk but it’s an effective way.

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